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     I have been writing professionally for over 35 years.  My work includes everything from short films to feature scripts, televisions pilots and shows as well as commercials and an incredible number of pitch decks, business plans and other commercial endeavors.

     Screenplays are my preference and I have over 70 completed screenplays to my credit.  It has been amazing to watch the advent of the personal computer, having come from the days of the typewriter -Thank you Mrs. Johnshon for forcing me to learn to hit the keys with authority! - but I am glad I had that process in my past as I believe that it helped me to learn to write better, more quickly, and without waste.  Many young writers never knew what it was like to use actual paper, white out, or ribbon to create a piece of work.  When you do it that way, you get used to NOT wasting anything.  Now, you just hit the back space button but then, then it was special.

     I work with new talent all the time as well as with producers and other writers who are 

in the process of realizing their dreams.

     Here is a partial list of my produced written word projects: 

Produced Feature Films:

Ole King Cole / Trick /  The Victims / Dandelion Season / Behind The Gate / Sunny and RayRay  /  Painless George / Split / Camden / Taxi Man / 

Poor Toni

Produced and Aired Television
Del Weston's Action On Film Show - 400 Episodes  /  The AOF Channel - 26 Episodes  /  Feelin' Good - 13 Episodes  /  Reality Racing:  The Rookie Challenge - 12 Episodes  /  Del Weston's World of Martial Arts  - 13 Episodes  /  Complete List Available Upon Request

Produced Print and Commercial Projects / Copy:

The AOF Megafest Magazine - 7 Issues (Editor In Chief - Writer)  /  Multiple Commercials including; The Commerce Casino, Jimmy Mulidore The Las Vegas Player / Super Doll  - Current TV  / Monkey Boy - 6 Episodes  /  CANCER Graphic Novel - 4 Issues /  DrakaMan - 1 Issue  /  Lew Watanabe Master of Stone and Light - Art Book with Kathy Childs  /  The Top 100 Indie Directors In The World Part 1 - iTunes Book /  The Top 100 Indie Directors In The World Part II -iTunes Book  /  The Top 50 Indie Writers In The World Part 1 - iTunes Book  

Complete List Available Upon Request