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The AOF Megafest Magazine

     We began publishing the AOF Megafest Magazine in March of 2019 and since that time we have grown the project to nearly four times its original size and found our stride with a Bi-Monthly 300+ page celebration of all things indie film.


     We profile talented people from every aspect of filmmaking in each issue along with a major Cover Story, Education in Writing via author Harold L. Brown, film critiques, videos, promos, and much more.

     Del acts as the Editor In Chief and does 100% of the layout, artwork, and design as well as writing at least 7 original stories in every edition.


     Here are links to the last four issues of the AOF Megafest Magazine.  Enjoy!


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AOF Megafest Magazine Jan./Feb.     2020:  Click Here

AOF Megafest Magazine July/Aug.   2019:  Click Here

You can find all issues of the AOF Megafest Magazine Here

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The TOP One Hundred Indie Books

     Want to know who the Top Indie Writers and Filmmakers are out in the world?  Well, Del tells you in his TOP 100 Books available on iTunes Books.  These interactive books feature video, photos, interviews, and more.  Don't miss out, Get to know a little more about the indie world.  And if you're an indie writer or filmmaker, who knows?  Perhaps you'll end up in one of our future editions.


Lew Watanabe: Master of Stone and Light is a wonderful journey through the nearly forty year history of the fantastic work of master stone worker and landscape artist. Watanabe has created magical environments for some of the most exclusive homes throughout Southern California and has also donated his talents to many charitable causes throughout his career.

The oversized book features a stunning array of some of his most successful projects that range from the Los Angeles Arboretum and the incredible Descanso Gardens to the homes of art collectors, actors, and private collectors of his work.

Los Angeles based photographers took nearly a year to shoot and properly display the works of the master in this fantastic and beautiful homage to his genius.

Available Now at  Click The Book or Here To Get Your Copy


Love and Other Subjects Cover

     Del began creating interesting multi-media projects with the amazing iBook Author program from Mac.  He feels that the freedom that the program and work flow allows him to create things that have never been seen before when you integrate art, language, mixed media, video and music together.

     The results?  A book like LOVE AND OTHER SUBJECTS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE by Del Weston.

     While the book is still in the works, it is one of the art/writing projects that the author prefers over most of the others.

     When asked why he was working on this project, Del answered, 'It is really just one of a tiny few experiences I have had creatively which made me believe that anything was possible.  I love this kind of work most of all.'

     Not available yet, but feel free to click the images to check them out at full resolution.

In Ways from Love and Other Subjects of Great Importance by Del Weston
So Carefully from Love and Other Subjects of Great Importance by Del Weston
The Immortal from Love and Other Subjects of Great Importance by Del Weston