AOF Sample Program
Film Festival Comprised of 15 Different Shows and Events Running Since 2005

     For the last sixteen years we've been throwing some of the most incredible film festival events in the world.  And while it is easy to tell you about it, it's better to show you.

     Check out some fo the videos below to get an idea and a feel for the show and if you like what you see, take a short trip over to and see what we can do for you.

     In 2018 we launched No Risk Fee Fests which is a site that allows filmmakers and writers to submit their work without first having to submit fees for the festival to review.  In an effort to assist the indie filmmakers and indie writers out there, we simple allow you to send us a link to the work so that we can review it BEFORE you pay one dime in submission fees.

     Yes, it's different but then again, so are we.  Even during the Pandemic of 2020, we still mangaged to show films during our festival period with our amazing theaters partners, The Galaxy Theaters  - Blvd Mall in Las Vegas.  We'll be back bigger and better than ever in 2021 so check it out and submit your work now!

Visit The AOF Megafest Website Here...

Sample AOF Event Videos from the great Dom Fred.  His experience in 2019.
Promo Videos Directly From the AOF Megafest Film Festivals